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Kraft Snack Football Stadium

This post has been sponsored by Kraft Heinz. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

  In our family, being able to get everyone together and have a great time is HUGE to us, because there’s nothing more important than quality time together. And sometimes we get so caught up with life we don’t make time for each other, so I always love to go above and beyond to host our football Sunday nights and get everyone excited about coming over and spending time together.

     This year I decided to build a football Snack stadium out of legos to surprise the kids, and boy did they LOVE it! I mostly used the legos I already had at home & I just picked up some more green legos at Walmart to help build the stadium. 

I used the green legos for the front and sides so that we could have one solid color for the stadium, and I used the pieces I already had to make dividers for the food and left the field in the middle for my special homemade cheese dips.

To save time for building the stadium, I placed my order for all the necessary ingredients for online grocery pick up on Walmart’s Grocery app (which, by the way, is amazing!!). It usually takes me hours to go to the grocery store and go aisle by aisle finding things I need. All I had to do was put my shopping list into the app, add all my favorite Kraft Heinz items to my cart (including TGI Fridays Mozzerella Sticks and TGI Fridays Chicken Wings), pick a time slot I wanted my groceries to be ready by, and BOOM! Done!

 Once I was done with building my stadium, I went to pick up my food and parked in Walmart’s pick-up spot. They bring your groceries right to your car! They brought out my food in under 5 minutes and helped me load everything into my car. Literally the fastest trip to Walmart and didn’t even have to go inside! Saves me SOOOO MUCH time! I LALALALOVEEEE it!

Once I got home, I started to make everything for the snack stadium. In our family, we love cheese dips and finger foods! The finger foods I picked up include some of our tasty favorites:

I bake everything in the oven together on large cookie pans and all of the appetizers are done in 20-30 minutes. 

While that’s in the oven, I start to make my cheese dips. I typically like to do a few different dips because we all like to dip our vegetables in different flavors (it’s just what our kids love to eat).

The ingredients you’ll need for my Football Cheese Dip are: 

This is such a fast and yummy recipe! Your guests will love it! Kraft Heinz has the my favorite cheeses that are so rich in flavor. Their cheese makes my taste buds dance salsa because the flavor so good! I don’t usually buy any other type of cheese. 

So you first grab the Kraft Sharp Cheddar Shredded Cheese and open up.

Then you dice your onions as small as you can, and add those in while the mixer is mixing. Then add in your teaspoon of lemon juice & your dash of salt.

Take your pecans and crush them up so they’re almost the consistency of breadcrumbs! 

On top of your pecan pile, mold your mixture into the shape of a football.  Once you have your football ready, start to roll the football so that it’s coated with your pecans.  The consistency of this dip is thick, so it should be fairly easy to shape.

Once you’ve fully covered the cheese football in the crushed pecans, you can continue to mold it to perfection. Grab one long strip of pimento & 3 short strips and put them on top of the cheese ball to resemble football cross stitch patterns.

And that’s it! There’s your football cheese dip! Put it on a cute platter & it’s ready to eat for the Big Game!

 For the next dip I made, you will need the following ingredients: 

BBQ Cheese Dip:

For this dip, you just mix in all the ingredients together and you’re done! That’s that on that! 

Toss it in a bowl and ready to serve!

And for the last dip I always love to make, these are the ingredients you’ll need: 

Bacon Cheesy Dip:

You mix everything together & and voilà, you’re done! Quick, yummy, & easy!

And now that my dips are completed (while everything else was cooking in the oven), it’s time for the BEST part! Filling in the Snack Stadium! Stacking your snack stadium with this winning lineup of easy to serve fan favorites like ensures that everyone won’t be able to keep away from food!

Pro Tip: put some aluminum foil on the base of the football stadium so that it will be easier to clean up once your football night is done.  Then, you will be able to do it all over again next week! 

   For my stadium, I wanted to make my snacking food look like the fans in the football stands, so I got these little candy eyes from Walmart and added them to some of the appetizers. So fun!

The TGI Fridays Buffalo Wings are our absolute favorite wings to get (the sauce and flavor is SOOO good!). Snacking on these guys tastes like we’re eating at the restaurant.

And the TGI Fridays Loaded Potato Skins & Mozzarella Sticks are definitely must-have perfect finger foods (all the kids love them).

I chopped up some potatoes for fries added celery, added carrots, and added some crackers for the dips.

To help finish my stadium off, I also made some really quick Rolled Bacon Cheddar Wraps, which is what you see on the top right corner & bottom left corner. 

Ingredients for my wraps were:

Pop those in the oven for 7 minutes, just long enough for the cheese to melt. DONE! 

And that’s a wrap! If you guys also make a football snack stadium, I would love to see it! So please tag me so I can see your fabulous creations too.  As you try it our for yourself, grab all of your snacking food and supplies at Walmart to make your Big Game prep super easy.  If you want to check out all of the great snacking foods Walmart has for watching the game, CLICK HERE to take a look! In life, the only thing we can never get back is time. This is why I love to do things to bring us all together. So when we look back, we’ll have happy, fun memories. Our children will carry on these traditions & always do their best. How you do one thing is how you do everything, so always do it in love. 

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